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65th Birthday trip to Europe
15th Sep 2017
Posted: DaveH 10/10/2017

Included Holland, Germany (Bavaria, Moselle Valley, Black Forest), Switzerland, Italy and lichtenstein 2349 miles, Bikes included Versys 1000, KTM 990, Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 and XJR 1300

Day 1
Home - North Wales to Harwich

Horrendous rain, traffic jams, and 45 minutes filtering took its toll, 5 hour trip took 8

Day 2
Hook of Holland to Roermond

Pretty boring ride as roads in holland to where we were going are almost motorways

Hotel was nice though

Day 3
Roermond to Moselle Valley

This is where it got interesting as we put sat nav onto twisty roads.

Took us into rural Germany, single track roads past farms and through some pretty small villages

the 259 into Cochem (moselle) Valley was brilliant

Day 4
Cochem to Lautenbach

The idea today was to get to the B500 and travel the B500 the following day

WE changed sat nav to avoid motorways and brilliant, long day but worth it

Hotel was great, owner a biker, bikes parked securely in his garage, and a small biker freebie when we left

Day 5
Lautenbach to Rothenberg

Today (my birthday) we were supposed to ride the B500 but the weather was awful and you couldn't see the sides of any valleys.

So we made our way to Rothenberg, bit boring as we needed to make up time but getting closer the roads became a lot better and lots of Bikers on the road

The village we stayed is along a road from the Neckar river

We stayed 2 nights

Day 6

Day off the bikes

Day 7
Rothenberg to Freudenstadt

Todays the day of the B500

Great Scenery, nice roads

Got lost trying to find our hotel as Freudenstadt was essentially closed to through traffic.

Sat nav took us onto a forest track, and we didn't want to go off road

A lovely lady (elderly german lady) helped us by actually driving, with us following, to our destination

Day 8
Freudenstadt to Siskon, Lake Lucerne

The trip today was to get to Lucerne, but things went wrong with destination, hotel booked was on the wrong side of the lake

The Andermatt pass was stunning, but unfortunately the person who took the better pictures (she was pillion) lost her tablet with them all on, so only pics I have are when it was safe to stop

And yes that's snow on the top of those mountains

Day 9
Sisikon to Como (Italy)

Yet another great road, avoiding motorways, lots of bends :-)

We actually got through switzerland without having to pay the road tax for the use of motorways and dual carriageways - brilliant

Day 10
Como - another day off the bikes

To be honest getting to and into Como was a nightmare when we reached the towns on the lake, so we stayed 2 nights

Day 11
Como to Lindau (on the Bodensee}

Fantastic passes again, chocolate box scenery, and we again mated to get through Switzerland without spending money - 1 tank of petrol got us to Lichenstein.

Day 12
Lindau to Schwenningon

Took our time today travelling alongside the Bodensee, and up into the Black Forest, roads again brilliant lots of hairpins and long radius bends

Picture gives a good indication of what the region we traveled through was like, we came down the pass above Lichenstein

Day 13
onto the Moselle Valley and Cochem again

Long tiring ride to get here, but great roads

Day 14
Cochem to Utrecht

Started the day on the 259 again and visited the Nurburgring :-)

Then on autobahn and major roads to Utrecht as we needed to get a move on

Crazy speeds and legal

Day 15
Home via Harwich

Awful ride home, heavy rain, high winds and closed motorway


Sorry for not responding earlier, but Max I did was 135mph Not been away yet where it didn't rain on the way there Next trip already booked - one way ferry ticket to Santander as not too sure where I'm going to get to or come back from (joys of being retired)

Always the way when you get home! Why does it always rain

What a brilliant trip and happy birthday!, great photos as well Thanks for sharing Dave