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The Pyrenees 2016
11th Jul 2015
Posted: andybow 09/10/2017

Ferry to Santander and blasting around some fabulous roads over the Pyrenees and going to the Med and back to the port again

Day 1
Santander to Pamplona

Not the normal weather we are used to as we rolled of the ferry into the gloom of clouds and light drizzle.

This isn’t the Spain we know!, A quick stop and waterproofs on we headed to Pamplona. Unfortunately I noticed my mates ZZR with water pissing water out the rad a few miles out of Santander , We pulled over a checked where the nearest garage was, After a bit of faff we made it to the garage and the nice mechanic took the road off and buggered of with it!!. after a couple of hours he returned with a rad all mended! sorted and job done we were back on our way again . We took a great road but the weather was not on our side today so we all just got our heads down and headed for the hotel. lovely hotel and we arrived in time for a great meal with some cheap plonk!

  • Santander, Cantabria, Spain
    308 : 191.4 miles 9
  • Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
    308 : 191.4 miles 9

Day 2
Pamplona to Boussenac (France)

Early start we had a big day, We packed up and rolled of to a far warmer day, Although the roads were still damp they soon dried out, we headed across to Ainsa, The weather had turned very warm by lunch time and had some fantastic riding through twisty fast roads to Bielsa, We headed to the French side of the Pyrenees and went up and over a col on the D118 which had some epic views, from there we headed through large pine forests in what seemed like the middle of known were. we had to stop in a town called Girons for some food, and then had a brilliant ride to a friends place where we were staying.

What’s not fun on a sport touring bike is taking a dirt track in the middle of the Pyrenees which is loose gravel and hundreds of feet drop down to our friends place ( A wild Boar farm)

The middle of nowhere doesn’t do this place justice, standing on there terrace it looks out over Miles and Miles of mountainous forest to peaks in the distance. We couldn’t see one light in any direction as we sat drinking till the early hours!

Amazing night !

  • Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
    451.9 : 280.8 miles 25
  • 22373 Bergua, Huesca, Spain
    162.2 : 100.8 miles 12
  • 25530, Lleida, Spain
    303.8 : 188.8 miles 54
  • 09800 Augirein, France
    395.4 : 245.7 miles 14
  • 09320 Boussenac, France
    451.9 : 280.8 miles 25

Day 3
Boussenac to Tossa de Mar

We woke to cloud, mist and rain, We were meant to do a amazing col but unfortunately the there was zero visibility when we went over it, so we stopped looked at the weather and it was far sunnier and warmer by the coast so that’s the way we headed. We skirted past Andorra where the awesome n260 awaited, but for some reason we missed the first 20 miles of it and joined it far lower down. We kept on going and had some great riding to the coast where we had sorted a lovely hotel overlooking the beach in tossa de mar, which is noth8ng like loret de mar which is a bit kiss me quick!

After a swim in the med and a few beers we had a lovely meal in town, The weather was warm as we sat out till late!

  • 09320 Boussenac, France
    292.3 : 181.6 miles 6
  • 09110 Ax-les-Thermes, France
    50.9 : 31.6 miles 2
  • 17535 Planoles, Girona, Spain
    138.5 : 86.1 miles 50
  • 17172 Les Planes d'Hostoles, Girona, Spain
    223.3 : 138.8 miles 4
  • 17320 Tossa de Mar, Girona, Spain
    292.3 : 181.6 miles 6

Day 4
Day off

After a night on the beers we woke up late and had decided to have a chilled day as the weather and hotel were decent, we jumped on the bikes and rode up to a view point over looking the town and the Med, The weather was beautiful , We checked on the Map and found a town for lunch along the coast , The road was incredible, carving its way along the coast, there wasn’t a straight bit of road in any of it.

Back to the hotel and quick swim in the pool, the drinking started earlier which meant o good nights sleep!

Great day was had by all.

Strange but the mapping won’t let me go between tossa de mar and Sant felieu, the coast road is the epic route

  • 17320 Tossa de Mar, Girona, Spain
    29.9 : 18.6 miles 30
  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Province of Girona, Spain
    29.9 : 18.6 miles 30
  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Province of Girona, Spain
    29.9 : 18.6 miles 30
  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Province of Girona, Spain
    29.9 : 18.6 miles 30

Day 5
Tossa de mar to Barbastro

We left early and headed out into beautiful weather we had what looked like some epic roads going across Spain and needed to make good time as we had a long day.

After a few dull roads we reached Vic and headed on the i54 to pearls berga, great road, absolutely dead, gets narrow in places but it’s like riding through a western. cactus and aloe plants lined the route which was amazing

On to Berga, the L401 was incredible stopped for lunch after our stop we headed up on the coll de negro and ll the way towards Barbastro, So many corners I was actually wishing for a piece of straight road!

Barbastro is a strange town , I wouldn’t recommend staying there as it’s quite industrial, the hotel was hilarious, looked like a porn film from The 70s when we walked in. The Bar would have been cool 40 years ago, but no just looks shagged, The evening meal was a mixture of road kill and various strange tinned veg!

At least it was cheap!

  • 17320 Tossa de Mar, Girona, Spain
    394.9 : 245.4 miles 25
  • 08503 Gurb, Barcelona, Spain
    90.6 : 56.3 miles 7
  • Plaça De La Creu - Berga, 08600 Berga, Barcelona, Spain
    142 : 88.2 miles 49
  • 25282 Sant Llorenç de Morunys, Lleida, Spain
    175.4 : 109.0 miles 38
  • Fígols i Alinyà, 25794, Lleida, Spain
    226.6 : 140.8 miles 3
  • 25651 Abella de la Conca, Lleida, Spain
    284.2 : 176.6 miles 39
  • 22300 Barbastro, Huesca, Spain
    394.9 : 245.4 miles 25

Day 6
Barbastro to Santander

Woke up to the worst known breakfast ever, So we were on our way pretty sharpish, The weather again had turned against our favour.

A stop for coffee and we were all togged up in our wet weather gear. We had intended to go on some great roads but the weather was so Crap we decided to take the motorway all the way back to Sanatander.

We rolled up at the port and the weather decided to turn from cloud and rain, to warm and sunny!

Oh well, time to get onto the ferry for a few beers!!

  • 22300 Barbastro, Huesca, Spain
    469 : 291.4 miles 18
  • 31410 Yesa, Navarra, Spain
    157.2 : 97.7 miles 5
  • Santander, Cantabria, Spain
    469 : 291.4 miles 18

Day 7
Santander to Portsmouth to exeter

After a pretty uneventful journey where we watched 2 films back to back at the cinema, drunk too much beer as usual the night before, We arrived at Portsmouth with the shittiest weather of howling wind, fog and rain!

The ride back to Exeter was one of the worst journeys of my life,

I nearly decided to get a hotel near Dorchester as I thought I was going to crash, the fog and rain were so bad it was riding with feeling rather than any sight! Got back home just after 12.30and crashed into bed !

All in all not the most memorable trip, still great but the weather was against us!

Andy , Versys 1000 GT

Mike, S1000r

Matt, SMT 990

Geoff, ZZR1400


Another great trip, the road in Tossa del Mar was incredible and worth a visit to the area for that alone