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11th Nov 2017
Posted: Janluke 11/11/2017

Guided trip of Morocco with Wildcat Adventures

Day 1

I'd wanted to to a trip to Morocco for a wee while, I love Europe but felt like something a little different. I thought about a solo trip but being an amputee(below knee right leg) I felt a little sketchy about not having a safety net

I researched guided trips and found a company Wildcat Adventures based not far from me in Scotland. After meeting John and Bridget I felt reassured that their trips offered what I wanted ie guided but not too guided if that makes sense.

My bike at the time was a BMW R1200GS my second and last BMW.

I'm not great at logging distances, detailing hotels and most of my pictures are grab shot but hopefully you'll get a flavour of the trip

The group of 11 bikes and 14 people met at Plymouth ready to catch the ferry to Spain.

Day 2

We spent a couple of days cruising down through Spain, the route avoiding motorways and staying at out of the way villages.

Day 3

I prefer to ride solo or in small groups so I elected to leave the group for part of the ride knowing I'd need to stick close later in the trip

Day 4

Waiting to board the ferry for the short trip to Tangier I realised where where off to another world when the doors on the ferry opened and everyone tried to leave the boat together and everyone waiting to board all tried to board. Somehow the chaos worked and slightly shell shocked we sat wondering what was to come.

So the day I'd been waiting for had arrived, I was to ride on North African soil on my mighty GS, unfortunately the bike wouldn't start and I pushed a fully loaded bike down the ramp and into customs. I was mortified and annoyed, people rode these bikes round the world and the moment I get away from European warranty and breakdown the battery had shat itself.

I'm a religious battery tender user and my feeling is the tender had disguised a failing battery by topping it up after each ride. Three days away without an overnight top up and it had died. Once we where through customs we tried to jump start the bike without success. The back up driver then took me and the battery to a small Scooter shop who despite not having anything in the shop over 150ccs had a replacement battery for £30. Once fitted the bike behaved itself for the rest of the trip although I lost confidence in it(slightly unfairly) and sold it 3 weeks after the trip

Day 5

First full day's riding in Morocco and my battery wows are behind me. The guides local knowledge make sure we ride the best roads and stop at some great out of the way spots I know I would never of found on my own

Day 6

Its raining today, I don't think muck of it at first but as the day goes on its becomes worse. We start having to ford roads that have been washed away and we have to take shelter several times. After a long long day and just 10 miles from our hotel we grind to a stop. A bridge has washed away and we're not going any further. Decamping us at a dry cafe the guides disappear for an hour and come back having sourced a hotel a few miles away.

Day 7

The following day the weathers cleared up and the road crews are out repairing the damage. We're south now and heading across long desert roads, this is more how I imagined the trip

Day 8


Day 9

Hitting the backroads and we come across several washed out roads which make for interesting crossing

Day 10

Random view

Day 11

Not what I was expecting

Day 12

Random View

Day 13

How I imagined it

Day 14

Morocco remains my most ambitious trip to date. Finishing it I felt I had achieved something and seen a side of a country you can only really see on a bike.


Amazing trip! I keep thinking about Morocco, I really fancy it, Did it work out expensive etc?

Looks great! Day 6 and 7 looks like you didn't even leave the UK!

Well done. The battery dying made it all the more memorable. Tough tho selling the GS due to dying battery. Glad it worked out.