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Northern Spain April 2017
22nd Apr 2017
Posted: DaveH 16/10/2017

Friend and myself decided to take a trip, N621 beckoned (as it does), so Ferry to Santander Two bikes - Versys 1000 and KTM 990

Day 1
North Wales to Plymouth

Ferry was a Sunday sailing so we set off on the Saturday via Mid Wales and the Wye Valley.

Overnight stop in B&B in Taunton were we discovered Wetherspoons app, order drink and food from table - brilliant

B&B was very nice and bikes parked securely in the back garden.

Day 2
Onto the ferry at Plymouth

Not much excitement apart from getting to the ferry terminal and onto the ferry

Day 3
Santander to Riano

Booked hotel in Riano, so along the 621 it was, great road, brilliant ride and the weather was good as well

Obligatory pic taken

Hotel was great and the halibut steak was delicious

Day 4
Riano to Leon

We left the hotel with snow forecast for the area

You can run out of expletives trying to describe what its like riding these roads stayed on the 621 and 624

Found a hotel in the old part of the city and we stayed two nights, day off the bikes exploring Leon - well worth it and recommended

Day 5
Explored Leon

Bikes safely parked in hotel garage

Day 6
Leon to Ponferrado

We left Leon and took road that did a big loop around ; started as the 623 and became the 631 taking us North, then West and then South over the hills - it was bloody cold, but weather was clear , snow on the higher ground, we missed it

Day 7
Pomferredo to Lugo

Weather warmed up a bit, scenery still amazing but the KTM got a puncture.

Found a tyre place but they didn't have the right size equipment (bloody KTMs and big wheels).

Pumped tyre up and the owner of the place guided us to another tyre place, which was closed for the Siesta, had to hang around till 3pm for it to open only to be told similar, but fortunately bike tyre place was 500m away, but by this time wheel had been taken off in readiness, so my friend had to carry wheel to the place and stayed with the bikes for what seemed like hours.

We eventually got going but it was getting late and we had a problem finding a hotel, took us a while but hotel was good and owner let us park the bikes in his garage.

Day 8
Lugo to Tapia de Casariego

Road taken

LU 530, AS13 - Another brilliant riding day, pictures cannot do justice to this place

Day 9
Tapia de Casariego to Llanes

Followed the coast road the 634 through Luarca, Aviles and Gijon finding a hotel proved difficult due to holiday period but got one sorted.

Coast road is something else

Day 10
Llanes to Reinosa

We were meeting friends at the "El Golobar" Hotel and restaurant and staying overnight but had too get there so boring motorway journey.

Hotel situated in a strange place (industrial area) but was comfortable with good food and secure parking.

Day 11
Reinosa to Fuente De

I split from the group for the first part of this ride as I had injured my back and I didn't fancy wrestling the Versys round small twisty mountain roads, so I headed up from Reinosa on the 611 which parallels the motorway - its like a wider version of the 621 in places, happy riding.

I then took the coast to San Vincent for a rest and lunch before heading off along the 621 to Potes where we all met up.

Fuente De situated along a very long dead end road from Potes and is one of the longest single span cable car lifts. Its awesome, give it a go when you get there - we stayed in the hotel there which was reasonably priced.

The pic is the view from the top and thats the hotel at the bottom

Day 12
Back to Santander

Ive used all the words I can to describe the roads and ride but went back to ferry with a huge smile on my face

Pic is of the cable car


We stayed in the Hotel Presa, it was clean, comfortable and like I said the food in the restaurant was excellent Will bear in mind where you are as already booked my crossing to Santander for next May

Great write up Dave, Love the roads around the Picos, the roads from Oviedo to lugo are definetly worth a ride if you go back, We are just outside of Exeter, if you do it again. give us a shout and we’ll meet you for a ? The hotel in Riano was it any good, as we might stay there on our first night next year

N.Spain sure has world class fabulous riding there. Riaño is unbelievable up the N621 from it a bit just before Portilla is a left turn onto LE243\2703 to Posada da Valdeón, great views / ride: https://youtu.be/g2aqi6P4Ihw