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Triumph continue to grow

Overall it has been a poor year for motorcycle sales, with a 15.5% decline year on year.

One manufacturer who has bucked this trend is Triumph, who shown a 48% growth in annual pre-tax profits, from £16.6million to £24.7million.

Financial results to the end of June 2017 show Triumph's bike sales also grew, from 56,253 to 63,404, with 86% sold overseas.

The firm is the market leader for motorcycles over 500cc in the UK, and has enjoyed success with its new range of Bonneville models including the Bobber, which registration figures show as the third best-selling motorcycle over 125cc in the first half of the year.

A Triumph spokesperson said: 'In the face of continuing challenging economic and currency conditions, including Brexit, Triumph Group has performed strongly and has maintained its commitment and investment in research and development, with a view to furthering the continuous improvements of its products.'

Published: 6 months ago
Source: Visordown

Great news in all the doom and gloom, they are obviously making models people actually want to buy